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I originally met Hardo in 1997 as a participant in The Completion Seminar. For me, the Completion Seminar was, and remains one of my most challenging and life changing experiences. Before participating in the Completion Seminar I regularly engaged in dangerous and self destructive behaviours. I allowed myself to become lost in relationships, work, struggle and drama to the point that I no longer felt that I could define myself without these things. I was reliving the same trauma's over and over again and I was severely depressed. The Completion Seminar helped me to identify and address the old baggage that was keeping me from breaking free from my toxic relationships and lifestyle. I learned how to relate to myself and others in a whole new, more authentic way and I began to use the tools that the seminar provide to take responsibility for the direction of my life. It has now been over 15 years since I 'completed' and I still use what I have learned from Hardo and the Completion Seminar on a daily basis. More recently I spent ten days as a resident at the Sunflower Clinic in Hahndorf, S.A. to assist in regaining my health after a diagnosis of Stage 4 cancer, and complete removal of the lymph nodes in my left groin. Hardo offered a range of modalities including Live and Dried Blood Analysis, Advanced Colon Hydrotherapy, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, Alkalizing Nutrition, Whole Body VibrationTherapy and Integrative Counselling. After ten days, the rashes on my face and back were almost totally clear, I had stopped biting my nails, cancer indicators in my Blood Analysis had clearly reduced, my white blood cells had returned to a healthy count, I had full range of motion in my left leg for the first time in nine months, the inflammation and lymphatic fluid collection in my left leg had reduced significantly and my surgery scars had softened. I highly recommend Hardo and the Sunflower Clinic.

Rebekah T. Melbourne

I had the privilege of first meeting Hardo Bottin, the facilitator of personal growth course, The Completion Seminar (TCS), back in 1992. At the time I was searching for something to help me improve my life as I felt lost, unhappy and unfulfilled. After attending an inspirational ‘preview’ info session, with some trepidation, I committed to doing ‘TCS’. It has been an honour and a blessing to participate in this important work and I have enriched and transformed my life from having a victim mentality and being in an ongoing state of depression, frustration and powerlessness, to living a full life with an attitude of optimism, determination and self empowerment. I still have my challenges in life, as we all do, though I am so much better equipped to deal with them because of my TCS experience. Participating in TCS was one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences of my life and doing the seminar was just the catalyst I needed to shift my perspective and start to enjoy my life and love myself. I now have the tools to take responsibility for my position in life and to live with courage, trust and integrity. Without realizing these qualities I certainly would not be the proud parent and now business owner that I am today! It is so wonderful to be realizing my potential, goals and dreams and to be living a more conscious and meaningful life, with my beautiful family. I must also say that I have witnessed many other TCS participants, of various ages and backgrounds, improve the quality of their life and their relationships, as a result of their new found understanding and belief in themselves. You certainly do not need to be as unhappy as I was to achieve great results from doing TCS. We all have room for improvement after all! Since TCS I have used and benefited from Hardo’s services as a homeopath, counsellor, nutritional microscopist, pH miracle coach and most recently Colon Hydrotherapist. I really acknowledge Hardo’s drive and determination to study so many modalities, to enable him to assist people with his vast knowledge and skill, in both the treatment of existing illness and in preventative care and education to enhance people’s wellbeing. He truly is a holistic practitioner, with the ability to help people on all levels. When Hardo started up the Colon Hydrotherapy Clinic I was curious to experience the benefits of this treatment, although I felt very apprehensive because of my pre-conceived ideas of what the process would be like. Because of my trust in Hardo as a practitioner and my research about the detoxification achieved through cleansing the bowel, I decided to go ahead with the colonics realizing it was about putting ‘mind over matter’. Nothing is more important than our health, after all! All of my reservations were quickly dissolved during and after my first colonic. The Sunflower Clinic Colon Hydrotherapy rooms are clean, private and comfortable and the colonic process is no way near as confronting as anyone inexperienced may imagine. As I was in control of my process I felt at ease. I’m so glad that I did the three colonics over three days. Now over a month on from my first session, I am still amazed at how fantastic I feel - full of energy; my joint pain has completely gone; I have more stamina; feel clear in my head, and my thinking; and I am generally finding all things in life seem to just somehow be flowing more freely. I simply feel better than I remember ever feeling before!! I have also referred my own clients to Hardo for the Colonics and several of them have fed back to me that they too have experienced similar results. I highly recommend the services, skill and experience of Hardo Bottin of the Sunflower Clinic. My life is certainly so much richer for having met Hardo, with all of his wonderful support, guidance, cheeky sense of humour, and the skilled and intuitive use of his comprehensive repertoire of therapies.

Deanne S. Aldinga

Through this letter I would like to thank you and your beautiful family for your warm hospitality. I would like to tell you that I am doing very well thanks to God and the great help I received from you. When I arrived at your Centre I was not feeling very well, and thanks to your assistance, and guidance I am now a new man, because I learnt a new way of living, new foods, exercises and internal cleaning. Also God gave me a new opportunity to live my life in a complete way, and I no longer find difficulty in living the moment and the days as they come. I really recommended the treatment to everyone who wants to heal with natural medicine, without chemical products, because from much of my own research I have learnt that that chemotherapy and radio therapy sometimes make the illness worse. You taught me that we all have internal healing power and we must make good use of it. I have learnt to love life even more, through my meditations, because as a result mi health is in very good condition. I learnt about forgiveness and to forgive myself, lighting from deep within my heart the flame of love. Now I am very well, and will be like this until God call’s me to return. In your wonderful Clinic I had access to many blessings. In the early mornings, I had a Sauna, had access to several pieces of equipment where I exercised daily every morning. The meals were beautifully prepared with healing in mind at all times. Had access to Alkaline Foods, and drinks, and also to Colon Hydrotherapy. Also during the day I had time to learn meditation, and had reinvigorating massages. I believe in your studies of disease and healing you have left no stone unturned and as a consequence I had access to the best Natural Medicine in Australia. All these has helped me an enormous way, and I can now attest to enjoy this beautiful God given life. Thank you Hardo and all your beautiful family.

Jose G. Melbourne

I have been attending the Sunflower clinic since I was eleven years old. I have used Hardo’s expertise to help me when I had an eating disorder as a teenager, for menstrual issues as a young adult, for nutritional guidance, when I have been unwell with colds and other such states of dis-ease, and also for guidance in my personal life and for my relationship with my partner. The Sunflower Clinic is a pool of top-quality services, just waiting to be accessed! The special thing about Hardo is that it is his inspired thought that guides his work, rather than financial gain and I know that this difference better enables him to synchronise with his clients – thus providing a better outcome for the clients.

Nyssa M. Adelaide

I met Hardo about 15 years ago when I participated in a Seminar he facilitated called "The Completion Seminar". It has had a profound effect on my journey in life - particularly my relationship with my father. What was at times a fractured relationship is now one which is filled with love, compassion and closeness. I am very grateful for this transformation, particularly as he nears the end of his life after struggling with cancer. Hardo has the capacity for spiritual guidance which is rooted in the practicalities of day to day life.

Sarah T. Melbourne

I have been incredibly fortunate to meet Hardo and to have worked with him over the past 15 years. >From the beginning, I participated in the Completion Seminar, which completely changed my life, giving me such a wonderful opportunity to open up to life, instead of closing off from it. The person I am today was only ever rarely glimpsed all those years ago – it has been a slow unveiling of who I really am, and I find it difficult to put into words just how grateful I am to Hardo for his persistence and patience and love and compassion in supporting me during this process. Over these 15 years, not only have I had the chance to participate with other groups on their TCS journey, I’ve also worked with Hardo in Clinic and still remember his early days as a student Homeopath. I have continued to see Hardo in Clinic because I enjoy working on all levels, not just the physical which usually occurs with conventional medicine – and the reason I do this is that the results speak for themselves – as a mindfulness practitioner, I love living my life with awareness and curiosity, and working with Hardo creates a wonderful blending of his work and mine. It has also been a humbling and gratifying experience to observe my two daughter’s experiences from participating in TCS. To see them both work with the ‘tools’ of TCS and to now be in healthy relationships with partners who have also done TCS, just brings such a big smile to my face… Whenever I have opportunity to reflect on my life’s journey, I see so much more clearly how beneficial TCS and Hardo have been to my life and to my families lives. I cannot recommend the Completion Seminar more highly as an experience that will change your life; and also the work of Hardo as a Homeopath – my life has changed for the better through knowing Hardo in both his professional roles, but even more importantly, as a friend – so can yours...

Amanda K. Tanunda

Even though I absolutely love and am inspired by Don Tolman, David Wolfe and Robert Young..... I had the honour and privilege to meet the best of them all- Mr Hardo Bottin. We have the best Healing and Wellbeing Master right here in Adelaide. Was blown away by your knowledge, intelligence, humbleness, generosity, warmth and honesty ....and we had so many laughs. Hardo, you made me feel so welcomed, loved and supported throughout our sessions. We have only just started this journey and there is a lot of work to do, but I also know that 'All will be Well', it's time to let go of the drama and the diseases I've created over the years and start creating my best days ever. Thank you for your time spent with me this weekend much appreciation and gratitude.

Nicolina B. Adelaide

Participating in, and completing The Completion Seminar (TCS) has been the most beneficial decision I have ever made. TCS provided me with a forum to become aware of the capacity I have as an individual, and the more that I continue to practise what I learnt at TCS the more that awareness and the ability to access this capacity develops. Through my time spent as a participant of TCS, and my continued time spent with Hardo and other TCS graduates, I have been able to recognise and utilise the enormous potential I have as a human being on this planet. TCS hasn’t changed my world, it’s changed my perspective of the world – and that makes ALL the difference. I cannot express in words how I truly feel about TCS and the work that Hardo does, it is something that has to be experienced to be fully understood. It is the best investment, both personally and financially, I have ever made because I can use what I learnt at TCS for the rest of my life – it never ceases to be relevant. I wish that what I have experienced through TCS could be shared with everyone.

Nyssa M. Adelaide

My young son was plagued with ill health due to a variety of food and environmental sensitivities since his birth. A number of traditional and non traditional health care professionals were unable to make a true difference for him. Indeed, during his many reactive episodes I felt truly alone and unable to get an appointment for several weeks. All that changed when I found Hardo. His constitutional homeopathic remedies made such an astounding difference that he has been able to gain and maintain exceptional good health and energy ever since. During the course of this treatment Hardo made himself available at all times for any crisis moments that he would experience. That was a priceless gift in terms of peace of mind and support. My boy is now approaching year 12 and has been exceptionally healthy for the whole of the last 4 years. Hardo is a true blessing.

Susannah B. Sterling
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