3 Day Mini Detox Program

Every day will begin with a one hous session in the mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber (Respiration). This process will flood the body with oxygen which in turn will throw toxins out into the Lymphatic System and the Bowel.

This is followed by 30 minutes in the Lymphatic Stimulation Chamber which will be activating your lymphatic System and again be eliminating toxins into the bowel and the skin.

Now you are ready for up to an hour in the Far Infra-Red Sauna to eliminate toxins through the skin( Perspiration) before having a cleansing shower.

Finally you are ready to cleanse the bowel which represents the most important channel of elimination and absorption( Defecation)

During the 4 hours here at the clinic you will be encouraged to drink lots of specialized Alkaline structured linter to flush the Kidneys( Urination )and hydrate your tissue.

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